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PassivLink, the Revit to PHPP add-in, is here. By Glauco Estudio.

PassivLink Lite, the first version of the Revit add-in that will help you save hundreds of hours on your Passivhaus projects, is here.(

PassivLink live-direct-export will allow you to iterate with different designs and help you choose the most efficient alternatives since the very beginning of the project.

The work-flow is seamless too! All you need to do is select the information you need in the PHPP and click the export buttons…You’ll be easily exporting walls, windows, floors, roofs, doors and TFA to the PHPP. Possibilities are endless!

Join the PassivLink community and help us shape the journey, improve the app, and reduce time-waste on Passivhaus design. The more we are, the further we'll go!

Revit to PHPP: PassivLink


The add-in is available online and can be used as a monthly subscription app, for only 29$/month. Users can subscribe or unsubscribe any time depending on their needs. Subscribers will get access to regular add-in updates.

This first version (Lite) of the add-in enables the export of wall, floor, roof, window, door and TFA data. We are still working to keep adding more features in the near future. We are currently working some ideas to incorporate shadow calculation into the add-in.

We have uploaded the add-in instructions to our website, including some links to different videos showing how some of the tools work. You can check the instructions here.

If you have any questions, please contact us and ask!


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